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J.D. Steinhilber

J.D. Steinhilber was born and raised in Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1992. He then moved to Nashville to take a position with J.C. Bradford & Co., where he worked for nine years and ultimately became a partner of the firm. In 2002, J.D. founded Agile Investments to fulfill his ambition to be an investment manager and operate his own business. 

J.D. and his family are long-time residents of the historic Hillsboro/Belmont neighborhood of Nashville.  J.D. also has strong ties to Asheville, NC (his other favorite city in the Southeastern U.S.).  J.D. travels by bicycle whenever possible, plays competitive soccer, and enjoys reading and the outdoors.   

Alicia Steinhilber 

Alicia manages operations and marketing.  Prior to joining Agile Investments, Alicia spent seven years in investment banking with J.C. Bradford & Co.  Alicia is a graduate of the University of Virginia.  Alicia serves on the board of Nashville FC Youth, where her daughters play soccer.  She is passionate about health and nutrition and spiritual wellness. 

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